Welcome To The Capitalist Pigs MintPass...

A Limited MintPass Collection 

Where the token itself is automatic enrollment to a private Pig Pen of  6+ Figure Entrepreneurs Locked In Capitalist Competitions Called, 'The Slaughter House'
Ya, This Is Cool... 

The Utility You're Gonna Get

With Your Capitalist Pig MintPass

Among The 

treasures and trophies,

We're a community focused on pushing to the next level in business, and camaraderie on the way

Here, you're celebrated when you win, encouraged to go further, and safe to mess it all up...

It's all about growth...

Welcome To

 Your Capitalist Pig MintPass

And, Besides All That, Here's The Utility You're Gonna Get:

  • Internet Launch Secrets
    (Internet Entrepreneurship & Launching In The Fewest Steps)
  • 6+ Figure Money-Messaging Templates
    (Proven Page Copy Templates To Help Increase Your Sales Online)
  • Offers That Won - PDF
    (Case Studies From 109 Million Dollar Offers, And Why They Worked)
  • Pre-Designed, Proven dApp Template 
    (Want The Page Template You're On Now? It Was Created By BTS Funnels, LLC So You Can Mint Your Own NFTs)
    *Includes A Free 30 Day Coupon To BTS Funnels...
  • Sales Funnel Officer
    (A Step By Step Course On How To Plan, Design, Build, And Manage Your Own Internet Sales Funnel. Taught By One Of The Internet's Top Sales Funnel Builder, Steve J Larsen)
  • Team Training
    (Don't Wanna Re-Explain Stuff To Your Team? You'll Get Smaller, Crash Courses On Offer Creation, Funnel Building, Launching Online, And Even NFTs To Catch Your Team Up To Speed Quickly)
  • NFT Resources
    (A NFT-Holders-Only Page Filled With Our Favorite NFT Artists, Dev Teams, Sites, And Gurus To Save You As Much Time, Money, And Frustration As Possible)
  • Discounts On Your Capitalist Pig Swag
  • Community Access
    (Including Monthly Networking Meetups)

The Community


While your Utilities are epic, it's nothing compared to your Discord-based community. The Roadmap is released one at a time, in order, from top to bottom! Here's what we're focused on bringing to the Capitalist Pig NFT & MintPass Holders:

  Discord Soft Open - done

  Buy Your First NFT (education)

  Release 2000 Copies Of The Mint Pass

  Socialist Leaders Public Smear Campaign

  Capitalist Pig NFT Release!               

  Slaughter House Competition Begins

  Winner Ceremony And Invitation To Professionally Film Speech, Pitching Your Product To Our YouTube Channel, And More (yeah, it's cool - and worth a lot of exposure)...

  "School Of Money" Hires Professors To Teach Money


Your Capitalist Pig MintPass

Grants Access To...

Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer over their NFT image
The Pig Pen: A member's-only entrepreneurial network of 6+ figure online earners
2,000 Capitalist Pig MintPasses
Fair Launch, fair distribution: All Capitalist Pigs MintPass cost 0.47 ETH ($500)
Gain additional benefits through community roadmap
Utilities are real-world aids and tools for businesses to sell more online

The "Slaughter House"


While Several

incredible utilities

come with your Capitalist Pig MintPass, such as training on internet lead-gen and offer creation, funnel systems and launch plans...
The prime focus of this community is on the

Slaughter House Competitions! 

Entry is optional. These Holder-Only competitions are broadcasted for the whole community.
⭐️ Winners get real PR and Lead opportunities for their company. Such as, YouTube spotlights on our upcoming Capitalist Pig NFT Channel

Become A

Capitalist Pig!

Is a collection of 2,000 MintPasses, living on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees ownership of the upcoming Capitalist Pig NFT.

The famous red

"Capitalist Pig"

The iconic Capitalist Pig shirt first emerged in 2018 as a simple way to piss of weak-minded socialists. 

It worked... SOOO well ;) 

The community's stories already include being spit on at gas stations, being screamed at in downtown New York City, hate mail (lots), and everything in between. 

To which the Capitalist Pigs respond, "bring it cupcakes! oink!" 

The slogan of "Get Rich. Give Back." is for those who know that money isn't evil and that getting rich itself IS philanthropic.
Capitalism vs Socialism (aka. The Current Holy War) is the fight we show up to. And it’s pretty simple. Our slogan: “Get Rich. Give Back.” is the entire plan. We build businesses to create our own economies. The iconic "Capitalist Pig" shirt first emerged in 2018 as a simple way to piss of weak-minded socialists. It worked SOOO well ;) 

It’s pretty easy to make a socialist mad… just have dreams, thoughts, action, ownership, profits… even smiling works (can’t help it as I write this - our community is fun, we kinda poke the bear on purpose to see who can get the biggest rise)

The community's stories already include being spit on at gas stations, being screamed at in downtown New York City, hate mail (lovely keyboard warriors), and everything in between. You don’t even have to say anything, just wear the Capitalist Pig shirt and watch emotional firework shows unfold before you! (Isn’t small-vision syndrome fun to mess with?) 

To which the Capitalist Pigs respond, "bring it cupcakes! oink!" 

The Capitalist Pig MintPass is for those who know that money isn't evil. And while anyone can ‘Give Back.” when they’re poor, we can do more when we have more. Getting rich itself IS philanthropic because of how much legitimate market value you must create to get rich yourself.


Want The


Each Capitalist Pig NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All Capitalist Pig are awesome, but some are rarer than others. The NFTs are stored as ERC-721AQ tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)

Purchasing a Capitalist Pig NFT costs 0.47 ETH ($500).

To access members-only areas such as The Pig Pen, Capitalist Pig holders will need to be signed into their MetaMask Wallet.
We know our money and business only grows to the level we do, so we say 'yes' to the challenge, and not a handout. The Capitalist Pig brand is already worn by many of today's internet influencers. 

You May See Other Capitalist Pigs

Out In The Wild

Community Tools

Here are some helpful tools created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club community. Please note that these are unofficial in nature. Every assignment of an ape's overall value or rarity is inherently subjective.

It's Time To Get A MintPass And Become

A Capitalist Pig!

The Capitalist Pigs MintPass 

Is a collection of 2,000 MintPasses, living on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees ownership of the popular Capitalist Pig NFT, coming soon.

Your Capitalist Pig MintPass doubles as your:
  • Pig Pen Community membership card
  • Grants access to Business Growth Utilities
  • A network collection of 6+ figure entrepreneurs
  • Optional entry into the "Slaughter House" Competitions


The initial sale has sold out. To get your Capitalist Pig NFT, check out the collection on OpenSea.

The Team

The Capitalist Pig NFT & MintPass was created by Steve J Larsen & Marley Jaxx to piss off Socialists (which is really easy - just try anything while smiling). Steve is did the offer and funnel strategy. Marley funded the 8 month project. Jeffery Banek helped with strategy and teaching. Joel's awesome team built the main Minting and Members pages, and all things 'smart contract'. BTS Funnels developed this dApp Funnel, and YouTube Lead Machine is helping with fulfillment of Utility and Roadmap prizes...

Steve J Larsen

Marley Jaxx

Joel Kellman

Jeffery Banek

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